Modelstied is online since may 2001. In this time the whole world and also the www have changed a lot, my site has also been continually changing since the beginning. A lot of new, very pretty models, most of them exclusively, have visited me. More and more expensively and professionally produced photos and mpg's have found there lovers and friends. But there were also a few dark chapters in these months and years. Allways the fight against picture-robbery and -copying takes a lot of time and is mostly fighting a losing battle. Unfair business from internet- and other companies of whom we are dependent gives all webmasters and photographers new problems. grounding of providers, server problems etc.

But the past has shown me that my team and I are headed in the right direction! We all want to make the future of Modelstied more attractive!

Team Modelstied

James Bertoni
Is chairman and photographer of modelstied. In good old italy they would call him "Padrone"!

Celine Corde
Is his right hand. Celine does all the filmcutting, manages the shop and always has an eye on spelling mistakes.

Norman Richter
Programs the server and find solutions for complicated computer problems. He is the fire brigade for modelstied and tries the best to keep James' back free!

The models!
Most of the models do bondagepictures exclusively for Modelstied. Only a few of them had experience in the bondage-business. We show famous promodels from porn- and eroticscene aswell as catwalk and beautymodels but also amateurmodels. But something they all have in commen: They all dress elegantly and sexily for the fans and members of modelstied.